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In Alpha Sprachwelt we have been teaching people new languages for 47 years. Click here to learn more about Alpha Sprachwelt.
About us
In Alpha Sprachwelt we have been teaching people new languages for 47 years. Click here to learn more about Alpha Sprachwelt.
About us

  • Everything went well. I could’t focused in the course as much as I would like due to external reasons. Other than that alles 5 stars
    4.79 · Mr. A.D, Schwyz
  • Stephanie is a great teacher. Really explained the material well and was pleasant. My only regret is that I am unable to continue with intensive lessons due my work schedule.
    5.00 · Mr. M.B, Zürich
  • Each consumer touch point is very good. From the moment you call to get information about the courses to the moment you leave the school you feel you were taken care of very well.
    4.86 · Ms. M.M, Zürich
  • I like the atmosphere of the course. The level is higher than my actual level. However, I can still keep up to some extent. The course always have a certain revision of previous learning which helps. Thank you for teacher and members of group.
    4.62 · Ms. T.O, Zürich
  • By the end we had a good group of regular classmates. I like the games to make it more interesting and pass the time. I like the writing on the whiteboard to see the spelling.
    4.00 · Mr. B.C, Zürich
  • My teacher Stavroula is a fantastic teacher and I really enjoyed her teaching methods and her as a person.
    · Mr. D.G, Zürich
  • Our teacher makes the lessons interesting and enjoyable... As I have especially a long day in the office before the lessons... I find this very supportive.
    4.43 · Mr. D.P, Zürich
  • Great: High standard teachers, class times that suit my lifestyle.
    4.64 · Mr. R.H, Zürich
  • I have been in Switzerland for 3-years, and in that time, I have had 6 German tutors. Cecilia was the best of the 6.
    4.86 · Mr. S.T, Schwyz
  • Anita is a methodical and rigorous and systematic instructor, which I appreciated ... even though my "style" is more laid back. I like how she says "Primo!" when someone gets something correct! :-)
    4.43 · Mr. A.S, Zürich
  • Frau Cecelia is a great, organized and a professional teacher. I enjoy to participate in her class and looking forward to learn German everyday.
    4.86 · Ms. Y.W, Zürich
  • Stephanie was an excellent teacher who made the most of different media, including Youtube and games, to ensure that we enjoyed learning.
    4.86 · Ms. E.C, Zürich
  • Margot is very efficient and flexible to attend to the needs of each student.
    4.71 · Ms. L.Z, Schwyz
  • What I don't like: Sometimes I really don't understand something and I want just a few sentences in English so I can understand and continue .
    4.64 · Ms. Y.Y, Zürich
  • Something I'd like to criticize: there were numerous times I didn't understand what we were supposed to be doing with a particular exercise or homework. This would be explained in German only, using words I am not familiar with.
    4.00 · Mr. J.G, Zürich
  • The environment and friendly people. A very good curriculum.
    4.86 · Mr. T.K, Zürich
  • Ewelina was great. Very helpful, friendly, but strict.
    4.93 · Ms. F.W, Zürich
  • Both Doreen and Doris did a great effort to remain upbeat and patient. The pace of the course and the adherence to the text book (Menschen A2) was very good. This logical, structured approach helped, especially considering the fast pace.
    4.14 · Mr. S.L, Zürich
  • Cecilia is the most motherly, organised and patient teacher. I simply love her.
    4.50 · Mr. M.M, Zürich
  • The class is clean and electronic systems are great. One more things: for me, I find the table for writing is a bit small. But overall I love the course.
    4.71 · Mr. G.L, Zürich
  • Valeria is a outstanding teacher, she makes sure everyone participates and always has a smile on her face. One can tell she has lots of experience and I can honestly say she is the best German teacher I've had!
    4.42 · Ms. B.D, Schwyz
  • The variety of exercises and learning methods as well as the teacher, one of the best foreign language teachers I've ever had.
    5.00 · Ms. R.Z, Zürich
  • What I find inconvenient: It is not possible to pay via credit card by internet.
    4.17 · Ms. G.K, Zürich
  • Rosalba had a great balance between learning and fun and she kept the atmosphere in the class very relaxed and informal.
    4.79 · Ms. M.W, Zürich
  • I really liked the small class size and active participation of each person. Group work is great and I like how there are listening, writing and speaking exercises every day.
    4.21 · Ms. L.P, Zürich
  • During several hours we speak, play, learn new vocabulary, new grammar rules. It is fun, useful, but it is not exhausting.
    4.17 · Ms. G.K, Zürich
  • I like the teacher, the pace, the learning material and the flexibility of learning online due to Covid-19!
    5.00 · Ms. S.Z, Zürich
  • Rosalba's teaching methods are great! I find them very efficient. It's great to have fun while learning. I have seen such a huge difference in my German since the first day I joined.
    4.79 · Ms. E.N, Zürich
  • The class is approximately around the same level of language skills, which makes the environment good for learning
    4.43 · Ms. L.C, Zürich
  • There is nothing about the course that I did not like. I have enjoyed the course very much!
    4.86 · Ms. K.L, Zürich
  • The facility is very clean and people in the office are friendly. The system of teaching seems to be good. I have learned a lot in three months.
    3.36 · Ms. F.B, Tessin
  • Great location. Long lessons. German spoken emphasis
    4.71 · Ms. R.K, Aargau
  • She invigorates those of us who are tired from a long day in the office. She is very creative in her approach to deliver each topic. It was a good mixture of reading texts, discussions, games and exercises. I never ever felt bored and each lesson seemed to be well prepared.
    4.36 · Mr. A.S, Zürich
  • I would like to thank Janet very much for her support and her patience. Janet is such a dedicated person with lots of patience. She could handle the different needs and personalities very well. She always stayed calm in this special "Corona-situation" and solved the problems professionally.
    5.00 · Ms. D.E, Zürich
  • Books are easy to understand. We all have equal opportunity to participate. It’s a fun group.
    4.64 · Ms. R.K, Aargau
  • What I liked most: Efficiency. And using technologies such as screens and tablet.
    5.00 · Ms. O.I, Zürich
  • I really enjoyed the class and I think a big contributor to this was our teacher, Kerstin. She has a very good way of helping each person in the group and ensuring that the whole group is progressing. In addition to that, she is quick to point out mistakes and ensure that bad habits are not continued.
    4.86 · Mr. O.N, Zürich
  • I liked that Margot always chased themes and discussions that were relevant and interesting to us. We learned not only through the exercises, but also speaking to one another. She was always engaged, friendly, and just a lovely teacher.
    4.93 · Ms. A.W, Zürich
  • The teacher and the other class members were all great (in A2.2). In A2.1 the instructor was great but most of the students were often distracted and loud and often disrupted the class.
    4.07 · Ms. A.G, Zürich
  • Everything is fine! Thanks a lot!
    5.00 · Ms. N.M, Zürich
  • I especially liked the teacher ! Very knowledgeable and patient
    4.86 · Ms. F.M, Zürich
  • Explain grammar and lingustics and an appreciation of German much better than the course material.
    4.79 · Mr. C.W, Schwyz
  • Que la profe siempre corrige las dudas que yo presento buscando varientes, y al final de cada clase me las envia junto con la tarea. Considero lo anteriormente dicho de sumamente importancia para progresar en el aprendizaje del idioma
    4.14 · Mr. R.H, Zürich
  • The people in my class were friendly. The course book is useful.
    3.64 · Ms. S.T, Zürich
  • The teacher made an effort to help everyone in the class. Some students in the course did not have adequate speaking proficiency but the teacher made strong attempts to ensure maximal participation.
    4.00 · Ms. J.B, Zürich
  • The fact that it is not rushed, and each level is broken down into 2 or 3 month periods.
    4.93 · Mr. D. , Zug
  • It's great to have many times/ course dates to choose from. Also, being able to join a class after it had already begun was convenient as well. Can't beat the location!
    4.50 · Ms. R.M, Zürich
  • I like this small group method.
    3.71 · Mr. K.R, Zürich
  • I like very much the whole course, but especially the style of teaching, which was used by the teacher. He explained very well!
    5.00 · Ms. C.R, Zürich
  • The teacher Valeria is very passionate about her job and she is extremely likable. She cares about her students.
    4.79 · Ms. C.L, Zürich
  • I had the pleasure of working with two teachers who are both extraordinary. I wouldn't have opened up to the prospect of learning German without having thier guidance. Both are an asset to The Alpha Team.
    4.57 · Ms. S.H, Aargau
  • Great teacher, awesome classmates. The atmosphere encourages people to speak freely without being judged by their mistakes
    4.79 · Ms. J.K, Zürich
  • Rosalba. I've taken classes with her on 3 different occasions now and she is always a delight. She's a great teacher. She is knowledgeable, thoughtful and attentive. I really enjoy getting to know people from different countries; other than learning the language, that is the best part of the course.
    4.77 · Mr. A.W, Zürich
  • I like the course. It was challenging for me, but I like the process.
    4.17 · Ms. G.K, Zürich
  • The teacher should understand that some students do not handle pressure well due to their personality. On the other hand, maybe these students should pick a course with a different format.
    4.71 · Mr. G.K, Zürich
  • The material, methodology and multicultural environment
    4.29 · Mr. G.F, Zürich
  • The teacher Celcilia is super nice and experienced. I like her teaching style.
    4.64 · Ms. B.C, Zürich
  • Kerstin Made sure I understood every lesson and explained everything 100 times if necessary. I really appreciate the extra patience and the commitment to make every student reach a new level .
    4.57 · Ms. C.B, Zürich
  • The text messaging system notifying you of homework when you missed a class was fantastic. The admin staff were particularly helpful in helping me find the appropriate class.
    5.00 · Ms. C.T, Zürich
  • Explain and make things simple.
    4.86 · Mr. M.L, Schwyz
  • What I like especially: The lesson can be adapted to real life situations.
    4.50 · Mr. J.P, Zürich
  • I would have liked to learn more about my professor. Either from school policy or her own personal characteristics, I felt like, while sharing much of my own stories, the only thing I learned from her is that she is from Austria and lives in Zurich.
    4.86 · Mr. E.P, Zürich
  • It is a very complex,interactiv, modern way of learning.You have the feeling that you are not in 1900...but in 2016. Maybe the signal for internet could be improved...we had some problems there several times.
    4.57 · Ms. M.A, Aargau
  • I like many things. That is why I am attending the classes here for the third year :-) The quality of the teachers is most important for me. There is really a difference between q real language teacher and somebody who just has some kind of a course.
    4.64 · Ms. T.L, Zürich
  • Dealing with COVID and making great efforts with the online training. Well done also with being a Swiss level efficient and professional organisation. Impressive as always.
    4.79 · Mr. C.W, Schwyz
  • The efficient way German is taught.
    4.86 · Mr. M.L, Schwyz
  • I think the course focuses on speaking abilities which is very important to me. The teacher is patient and answers questions well. We learn new words centered around a "theme" which is great.
    4.43 · Ms. J.B, Zürich
  • Our teacher was great. He adapted to everyone's needs, was always enthusiastic and helpful. His attitude contributed to creating nice atmosphere during the classes, which made the learning process enjoyable and productive.
    4.77 · Ms. N.Z, Zürich

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